HandiFox Online Standalone: on-the-go inventory management with no ties to accounting software for micro-to-small businesses

HandiFox Online Standalone Version
Inventory analysis is a practice which, if applied from the very start, can save your inventory-based business many pains or even prevent a failure. Many retail and service companies operating some or large amounts of units, however, continue paying lip service to automating inventory management. At some point, they start looking for a software solution that can efficiently handle their inventory but realize that they would have to reorganize the whole business in order for things to start clicking. Is this really supposed to be that troublesome?

As per the Small Business Association(SBA)’s 2018 Small Business Report, there are around 30 million small businesses in the US which account for the 99.9 % of all businesses across the country. Micro businesses, as it occurs, are a substantial part of that amount and crucial for the economy, so says the Association for Enterprise Opportunity in their report. Micro and small companies are enterprises with very few employees (‘micro’ would usually count around 5 people on staff while a company with up to 500 employees would be considered ‘small’). This type of business owners is very cautious about investment in tech and experiments potentially changing their workflows or ultimately stopping operations.

They are after a system that would automate warehouse management, bring visibility into the stock on hand, record shipments (and sales, if needed). When they hit the Internet searching for an app that could do that, they might be required to have or purchase accounting software because the app won’t work without it or upload their company file for testing purposes. What if they don’t use QuickBooks, Xero or Sage? What if they are not ready to share their company data with an app that has not earned their trust? What if they simply do not have the budget for buying an accounting system AND an inventory control app just yet?

HandiFox Online Standalone is a cloud-based inventory app that circumvents multiple barriers on your way to fusing automated inventory control into your warehouse(s). You do not need to have an accounting system implemented or share company data with the app. You do not need to be based in the US either – it can easily be any country in the world. You do not need to look for a specific type of device or OS to work with HandiFox – it can be a desktop computer, a mobile device with any OS and Internet access. Last but not least, you do not have to physically be at the office or at one of your sites to run your business – the cloud will take you there from any place in the world. HandiFox lets you:

– Configure taxes and currencies. You can set up ‘group’ taxes that add together local, federal and other tax types and can be assigned to items
– Create items (inventory, non-inventory, service) or import from an excel spreadsheet (a sample spreadsheet is provided for a hassle-free data merge)
– Generate item categories for a hierarchal view on the item list
– Create customers and vendors
– Manage, track and transfer items across multiple sites
– Create, assign, print, scan barcodes for error-free input
– Set reorder points for each item and site individually
– Do counting sessions
– Create Purchase Orders
– Pick and Pack to verify the shipment
– Set up discounts and shipment fees
– Creates Sales Orders and Invoices
– Generate inventory and sales reports
– Print all transactions

HandiFox Online Standalone is a configuration of the HandiFox Online app that jump-starts micro and small businesses on the use of automation technologies in inventory management and it does it in a very non-invasive way. It is literally a plug-and-play app that calls for minimal investment and system requirements, as well as a short learning curve. You do not need to skimp on proper inventory management any more – take a free 30 day trial to get some hands-on experience in automated inventory control without putting your business on pause.

Augment your Shopify store with advanced inventory capabilities of HandiFox Online

HandiFox Online can now integrate with Shopify, bringing its powerful automation and robust inventory management to Shopify store owners. HandiFox speeds up order fulfillment and day-to-day warehouse operations, letting you focus more on strategy rather than routine work. Focus on the front end and let us tackle the rest.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, loved by many for the ability to create a fully customizable online store very quickly and with no special computer skills. Shopify currently powers over 600,000 businesses worldwide which sell more than $55 billion online.

How can your store benefit from HandiFox?

Long story short, it will speed up your inventory-related operations and reduce associated human errors. It will let you pick ordered products from storage, do physical stock counts, track and adjust stock levels, see what products need replenishment and by what amount.

Interested? Here are some more details on what HandiFox gets you.

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HandiFox Desktop named a “Users Love Us” award in the Grid® report for Inventory Control and Small-Business Grid® Report for Inventory Control by Real Users on G2 Crowd

Users Love Us Badge white1HandiFox Desktop has been identified as one of the best Inventory Control software, based on its high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from real users on G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business solutions review website.

HandiFox Desktop achieved High Performer rank on the Inventory Control Software Grid® by receiving positive reviews, from verified users compared to similar products in the Inventory Management category. For inclusion in the report a product must have received ten or more reviews.

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Scott Gregory at Bottom Line Accounting Solutions – the Best Partner of Q1‘2018 for the quickest sale in HandiFox history

The “Best Partner” award has become a solid and warm tradition at HandiFox. We deeply appreciate our Partners’ efforts while offering the Product to their customers.

HandiFox is thrilled to announce Scott Gregory as the best Partner of Q1’2018. He has joined our Partner Program back in 2015. Scott is a wide known QuickBooks and Inventory expert actively generating interesting and useful content on Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. HandiFox is listed among solutions in his Inventory Software comparative chart.

We would like to depict Scott’s input since he has established a new “Speed-of-light sale” record. He referred the prospect to us and the same day (in about an hour) the customer purchased HandiFox without any hesitation and concerns. The reasons for that are, no doubt, Scott’s highest level of expertise, excellent Product awareness and an all-round approach.

We have been enjoying working with Scott and would like to thank him for the important input. Looking forward to a further mutually beneficial partnership.

HandiFox Partner Meetup

On April 26 at 11:30 Eastern time HandiFox Team will be conducting an Online Partner Webinar. The primary objective of the event is to provide QuickBooks consultants and inventory experts with an overview on the most recent HandiFox updates and to share our plans for further product development.

We will be glad to receive any feedback and exchange the ideas on how we can make all your customers happy with HandiFox.

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A Look at How to Make the Most of Your Free Trial

Investing in business software is a big decision to make. Not only does it require money investment – it also entails a certain time commitment as interweaving a new tool into your workflow is not an easy and quick process, let alone there is always a risk that your choice might go amiss. That is what trial periods are for – to make sure that all the time and resources don’t simply go to waste.

In this blog post, we have decided to share our take on how to make the most out of your free trial.

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HandiFox Online is a Must-Have Tool for Inventory Businesses

When hundreds of thousands dollars are tied up in goods sitting on shelves, all you can think of is how you can stay on top of all of this – product lead time, item availability, shrinkage, replenishment, seasonality, best-sellers and slow-movers, merging inventory data with accounting. In order to be up to speed and up the efficiency of your inventory business, you need to have a fully automated and accurate management of your stock and sales.

According to the recent studies on the state of small business in the US, only 18% of small businesses use an inventory system to keep track of their inventory. Meanwhile, a little over 40% of them started adopting cloud based business tools to get a handle on their inventory. As cloud technologies continue to grow and evolve, businesses are starting to appreciate the flexibility and ease of management on the go – one of the many perks of cloud based apps. Here is a short rundown of why HandiFox Online, a 10 Top New Small Business Apps for QuickBooks Online, can be a great tool for your business.

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HandiFox Will Face the Yeti with Other Participants of 2017 Scaling New Heights in Orlando

Intuit’s preferred event management and training partner, Woodard is holding one the major annual events for accounting professionals – Scaling New Heights on June 4-7 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. And we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Scaling New Heights is a unique, technology-centric training experience that also includes practical, cutting-edge professional education. Every year the conference gathers the most successful accountants&consultants in the country to empower them to grow their practices and embrace new QuickBooks integrated solutions. This year the event will center around the “Face the Yeti” theme – a metaphor for multiple challenges that small business advisors take on while trying to reach new heights in their practices and transform their clients’ businesses.

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HandiFox Offers Special Pricing on all HandiFox Online Subscription Plans

HandiFox is offering discounted pricing on HandiFox Online for a limited time. The prices have been reduced to make your transition to the cloud more affordable.

The price for the START plan will start at $39/ month – that is around 45% down from the original $69/month.

Take advantage of the price-cut – start your free 14-day trial now to see how HandiFox Online can help you offload the most cumbersome warehouse operations and provide you with centralized inventory management.


Effective Inventory Management for Food Manufacturers and Distributors

With the public health at stake, food manufacturing / processing / distribution businesses must primarily focus on the safety issues and their elimination. The tracking policy legislation (The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010) requires food producing companies to meet high traceability expectations. When the security of the food supply comes under the scrutiny of Food Safety Inspection, these businesses have to solve a lot of problems at once – how to ensure traceability, how to make inventory visible in real-time and how to stay profitable? Effective inventory management practices might be the answer to all of this.

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