A Look at How to Make the Most of Your Free Trial

Investing in business software is a big decision to make. Not only does it require money investment – it also entails a certain time commitment as interweaving a new tool into your workflow is not an easy and quick process, let alone there is always a risk that your choice might go amiss. That is what trial periods are for – to make sure that all the time and resources don’t simply go to waste.

In this blog post, we have decided to share our take on how to make the most out of your free trial.

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HandiFox Online is a Must-Have Tool for Inventory Businesses

When hundreds of thousands dollars are tied up in goods sitting on shelves, all you can think of is how you can stay on top of all of this – product lead time, item availability, shrinkage, replenishment, seasonality, best-sellers and slow-movers, merging inventory data with accounting. In order to be up to speed and up the efficiency of your inventory business, you need to have a fully automated and accurate management of your stock and sales.

According to the recent studies on the state of small business in the US, only 18% of small businesses use an inventory system to keep track of their inventory. Meanwhile, a little over 40% of them started adopting cloud based business tools to get a handle on their inventory. As cloud technologies continue to grow and evolve, businesses are starting to appreciate the flexibility and ease of management on the go – one of the many perks of cloud based apps. Here is a short rundown of why HandiFox Online, a 10 Top New Small Business Apps for QuickBooks Online, can be a great tool for your business.

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HandiFox Will Face the Yeti with Other Participants of 2017 Scaling New Heights in Orlando

Intuit’s preferred event management and training partner, Woodard is holding one the major annual events for accounting professionals – Scaling New Heights on June 4-7 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. And we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Scaling New Heights is a unique, technology-centric training experience that also includes practical, cutting-edge professional education. Every year the conference gathers the most successful accountants&consultants in the country to empower them to grow their practices and embrace new QuickBooks integrated solutions. This year the event will center around the “Face the Yeti” theme – a metaphor for multiple challenges that small business advisors take on while trying to reach new heights in their practices and transform their clients’ businesses.

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HandiFox Offers Special Pricing on all HandiFox Online Subscription Plans

HandiFox is offering discounted pricing on HandiFox Online for a limited time. The prices have been reduced to make your transition to the cloud more affordable.

The price for the START plan will start at $39/ month – that is around 45% down from the original $69/month.

Take advantage of the price-cut – start your free 14-day trial now to see how HandiFox Online can help you offload the most cumbersome warehouse operations and provide you with centralized inventory management.


Effective Inventory Management for Food Manufacturers and Distributors

With the public health at stake, food manufacturing / processing / distribution businesses must primarily focus on the safety issues and their elimination. The tracking policy legislation (The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010) requires food producing companies to meet high traceability expectations. When the security of the food supply comes under the scrutiny of Food Safety Inspection, these businesses have to solve a lot of problems at once – how to ensure traceability, how to make inventory visible in real-time and how to stay profitable? Effective inventory management practices might be the answer to all of this.

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HandiFox Online Start Overview

While everyone is still recovering from holidays and starting off their 2017, HandiFox Team has already put together a quick video overview of HandiFox Online START. HandiFox Online – inventory management for fast paced businesses on the go.

HandiFox Online Pro is Out!

A Top 10 $100K Small Business App Showdown Finalist, HandiFox has released HandiFox Online Pro version – now available on Google Play.

HandiFox Online Pro features a cloud based inventory control and sales management system designed to help small to midsize inventory businesses manage warehouse and in- the-field sales operations more efficiently. HandiFox Online syncs with QuickBooks Online and considerably extends its inventory-related functionality by adding some advanced features.

Here is a quick feature overview of the Pro version…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

HandiFox team wishes all of our customers and partners, colleagues and friends from all over the globe a joyful holiday season with peace and cheer in the New Year. May it start on a cheerful note and bring you good health, prosperity and new heights to achieve. It’s been quite a year for us all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!