Intuit Launches an Updates QuickBooks Desktop App Marketplace

Since Intuit started pushing QuickBooks Online really strongly, there has been a lot of discussion, concerns, even fears that QuickBooks Desktop isn’t going to be around for long. The Intuit Marketplace hasn’t been updated for a considerable amount of time and QB add-on developers have been almost confident that Intuit is no longer interested in the desktop product, so they started shifting their focus onto designing online versions, too.

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HandiFox Online START is Out!

We would like to let you know that HandiFox Online START is out and being tested by QBO users who struggle to get a comprehensive control over their books and inventory.

To try out HandiFox Online START, go to handifox. online and create your account.

Here is what the part your get to work with in your browser looks like.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud Based Inventory Management Software

Today more and more retailers and other businesses that have to keep their inventory in check are choosing cloud based solutions to optimize and streamline their warehouse and sales operations. The adoption of cloud computing in inventory management brings quite a number of attractive benefits that we would like to drill down on in this blog post.

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Only two weeks! Hurry up!

Between July 18 and July 29, for only two weeks we have reduced prices on our HandiFox software and support products by 25%!

Now is the time to take advantage of our Hot July prices.
– HandiFox Sales Software (per device) for only $ 1121
– HandiFox Inventory Software (per device) for only $ 746
– HandiFox Sales Annual Support plan for $ 281
– HandiFox Inventory Annual Support plan for $ $187.50

To qualify for this sale, payments must be received on or before July 29, 2016. Existing volume discounts are set aside for this special sale period.

Call us today! or contact us by e-mail:



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HandiFox enters the contest to win the User Favorite Award powered by Accountex

HandiFox enters the contest to win the User Favorite Award powered by Accountex. Help us make it happen!

Have you voted for your favorite app yet? If it happens to be us, please support HandiFox, a User Favorite Award Nominee in Inventory Management Category in the User Favorite Awards by Accountex!

Last year HandiFox received a Sleeter Group Awesome Application Award for 2016 and it is you who helped us pull this off! This year the New User Favorite Awards have replaced The Sleeter Awesome Apps and we are really excited to be a nominee.

Please vote for HandiFox. By clicking this link you will be forwrded to voting page. Scroll down and click “VOTE” to see voting options. In the first five questions you’ll be asked to identify yourself. Then please scroll down to question 49 and choose HandiFox in the drop-down menu. Rate our application in question 50 and click Submit.

Thank you!

Sincerely Yours,
HandiFox Team

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HandiFox in Ghana: success story of Ecosight Ventures

Ecosight Ventures, Ltd is a retail and wholesale confectionary distributor in Ghana, Africa. Founded in 2006, the company has grown to include 35 workers.

When the need for an inventory system arose, Ayite Hillah, Managing Director of Ecosight Ventures, Ltd., set two objectives: 1) to centralize their sales and inventory data (the company works from different locations) by using one QuickBooks company file, and 2) to have their sales reps transact their business on the field in order to reduce manual entries in the office.

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What Are The Pillars of Great Inventory Management Software?

Since the very birth of the HandiFox software, up to the present moment we have had a firm belief that there are basically just a few pillars of any business software looking to become a success: it should be powerful to meet diverse customer needs, it must be a no-brainer, it must not break your bank and last but not least – customer service must be exceptionally responsive and knowledgeable. This is what we would ask for in the first place, if we were in our customer’s shoes…

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